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Record Junkee

7 Earl Street, Sheffield S1 3FP

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Find out what's on at Record Junkee below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2021-09-20Monday 20th September Dopelord Sold Out
2021-09-24Friday 24th September Black Mamba Fever Tickets
2021-09-26Sunday 26th September King Nun Tickets
2021-09-26 King Nun Tickets
2021-09-27Monday 27th September Haggard Cat Tickets
2021-09-28Tuesday 28th September Bull Tickets
2021-09-29Wednesday 29th September Frauds Tickets
2021-10-01Friday 1st October The Estevans Tickets
2021-10-07Thursday 7th October Bo Ningen Tickets
2021-10-08Friday 8th October Creeping Jean Tickets
2021-10-12Tuesday 12th October Night Flight Tickets
2021-10-13Wednesday 13th October Goan Dogs Tickets
2021-10-14Thursday 14th October Do Nothing Tickets
2021-10-15Friday 15th October The Hell Tickets
2021-10-16Saturday 16th October The 900 Tickets
2021-10-18Monday 18th October Shawn James Tickets
2021-10-19Tuesday 19th October Night Flight Tickets
2021-10-23Saturday 23rd October Gender Roles Tickets
2021-10-26Tuesday 26th October Mush Tickets
2021-10-27Wednesday 27th October White Flowers Tickets
2021-10-29Friday 29th October Hanya Tickets
2021-10-31Sunday 31st October Calligram Tickets
2021-11-02Tuesday 2nd November Tempesst Tickets
2021-11-12Friday 12th November Avalanche Party Tickets
2021-11-13Saturday 13th November This Feeling Tickets
2021-11-14Sunday 14th November Hamish Hawk Tickets
2021-11-18Thursday 18th November The Velvet Hands Tickets
2021-11-19Friday 19th November Somebody's Child Tickets
2021-11-19 Wren Tickets
2021-11-20Saturday 20th November Will And The People Tickets
2021-11-22Monday 22nd November Waco Tickets
2021-11-25Thursday 25th November Whispering Sons Tickets
2021-11-27Saturday 27th November Admiral Fallow Tickets
2021-12-02Thursday 2nd December Big Lad Tickets
2021-12-07Tuesday 7th December Beach Riot Tickets
2021-12-10Friday 10th December Ist Ist Tickets
2021-12-18Saturday 18th December Desperate Journalist Tickets
2022-01-16Sunday 16th January Lonelady Tickets
2022-01-18Tuesday 18th January Kid Dad Tickets
2022-02-04Friday 4th February Little Tybee Tickets
2022-02-05Saturday 5th February Alpha Male Tea Party Tickets
2022-02-06Sunday 6th February Pupil Slicer Tickets
2022-02-07Monday 7th February Pengshui Tickets
2022-03-26Saturday 26th March Deadnotes Tickets
2022-04-08Friday 8th April 616 Tickets
2022-04-10Sunday 10th April Big Brave Tickets

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