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The Leadmill

6 Leadmill Road, Sheffield S1 4SE

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Find out what's on at The Leadmill below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2023-12-01Friday 1st December Roachford Tickets
2023-12-02Saturday 2nd December Scam Fender Sold Out
2023-12-02 Scam Fender Sold Out
2023-12-02 Kopycat Killers Tickets
2023-12-02 Arctic Monkeys Tribute Band Sold Out
2023-12-02 The Kopycat Killers Sold Out
2023-12-02 Tribute Tripler Sold Out
2023-12-03Sunday 3rd December Skinny Lister Tickets
2023-12-08Friday 8th December Bad Manners Tickets
2023-12-12Tuesday 12th December Viggo Venn Sold Out
2023-12-13Wednesday 13th December The Amazons Tickets
2023-12-14Thursday 14th December Miles Kane Tickets
2023-12-15Friday 15th December Red Rum Club Tickets
2023-12-16Saturday 16th December Arctic Numpties Tickets
2023-12-22Friday 22nd December Rob Lamberti Sold Out
2023-12-22 Perfectly George Tickets
2024-01-18Thursday 18th January Clearwater Creedence Revival Tickets
2024-01-19Friday 19th January Porij Tickets
2024-01-25Thursday 25th January Allyson June Smith Tickets
2024-01-28Sunday 28th January Very British Problems Tickets
2024-02-03Saturday 3rd February Daz Cadwallander Tickets
2024-02-04Sunday 4th February Josh Pugh Sold Out
2024-02-10Saturday 10th February Donny Brook Tickets
2024-02-13Tuesday 13th February Sea Power Tickets
2024-02-13 Sea Power-15thanniversary Of €œdo You Like Rock Music? Tickets
2024-02-15Thursday 15th February Stornoway Tickets
2024-02-17Saturday 17th February Louis Dunford Tickets
2024-02-19Monday 19th February Courting Tickets
2024-02-24Saturday 24th February Air Drawn Dagger Tickets
2024-02-25Sunday 25th February Mark Nelson Tickets
2024-02-27Tuesday 27th February Beans On Toast Tickets
2024-02-29Thursday 29th February Jeff Innocent Tickets
2024-03-02Saturday 2nd March Manchester Calling Ft Total Stones Roses, The Smiths Presumably And Oaysis Tickets
2024-03-02 Manchester Calling Tickets
2024-03-09Saturday 9th March Matilda Shakes Tickets
2024-03-12Tuesday 12th March Alfie Brown Tickets
2024-03-16Saturday 16th March Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana Tickets
2024-03-20Wednesday 20th March Sam Campbell Sold Out
2024-03-22Friday 22nd March Yonaka Tickets
2024-03-26Tuesday 26th March Feeder Tickets
2024-03-28Thursday 28th March The Lilacs Tickets
2024-04-04Thursday 4th April Stephen Bailey Tickets
2024-04-05Friday 5th April The Wandering Hearts Tickets
2024-04-06Saturday 6th April Vivas Tickets
2024-04-10Wednesday 10th April John Robb Tickets
2024-04-11Thursday 11th April Lloyd Griffith Tickets
2024-04-12Friday 12th April House Of All Tickets
2024-04-14Sunday 14th April The Dark Room Tickets
2024-04-20Saturday 20th April Good Cop Bad Cop Tickets
2024-04-26Friday 26th April Declan Welsh & The Decadent West Tickets
2024-04-28Sunday 28th April Bailey J Mills Tickets
2024-05-08Wednesday 8th May Morgan Rees Tickets
2024-05-16Thursday 16th May Afflecks Palace Tickets
2024-05-17Friday 17th May Coldplace Tickets
2024-05-17 Coldplace -the World's Leading Tribute To Coldplay Tickets
2024-05-18Saturday 18th May Uk Foo Fighters Tickets
2024-05-22Wednesday 22nd May Fin Taylor Tickets
2024-05-25Saturday 25th May The Wedding Present Tickets
2024-05-29Wednesday 29th May Nick Helm Tickets
2024-06-02Sunday 2nd June Bilal Zafar Tickets
2024-06-04Tuesday 4th June Sofie Hagen Tickets
2024-06-06Thursday 6th June Steve Bugeja Tickets
2024-06-19Wednesday 19th June Jessica Fostekew Tickets
2024-09-03Tuesday 3rd September The Bootleg Beatles Tickets
2024-09-14Saturday 14th September Goldie Lookin' Chain Tickets
2024-10-06Sunday 6th October Carl Hutchinson Tickets
2024-10-09Wednesday 9th October Laura Smyth Tickets
2024-10-23Wednesday 23rd October Tez Ilyas Tickets
2024-11-08Friday 8th November Lightning Seeds Tickets
2024-12-11Wednesday 11th December Chris Mccausland Tickets

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